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Here you will find links with short descriptions. Feel free to submit your own.
  • Anime News Network - This is where I go whenever I'm looking for recent anime information.
  • -Yet another Imagine site. These guys have everything!
  • The One Ring- The best site for Lord of the Rings Movie information.
Video Games
  • Gamespot - Not as good as, but still features some nice reviews of PC games.
  • An excellent site for PC Gaming news, reviews and previews.
  • - Another site from the Imagine Gaming Network. Excellent for Playstation fans.
  • RPGamer - A great site for all things console RPG.
  • The GIA - A great site for RPGs, puzzle games, and adventures. Plus a good dash of humor.
  • Vault Network - One of the best sites around. Be sure to check out the different vaults for varying online games.
  • I'm sure most of you have heard of this excellent site.  Here is an easy to access link.