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Here is a full explanation of my rating scale.  Note that I sometimes use a midway point such as 9.5.

1 - Vomit inducing.  A horrible item, for your own health, don't look at it.

2 - Horrendously Bad.  May have one slightly good aspect, but nothing major.  This would include a really good FMV in a game or a really great joke in a movie.

3 - Bad.  Slightly more redeeming, but once again nothing more than a few good aspects.  Still not worth it.

4 - Below Average.  You may want to check it out if you enjoy the genre.

5 - Average.  This is my standard for an average item.  You may like it, you may not. 

6 - Above Average.  Probably worth playing for reasons other than beeing a genre fan.

7 - Good. Worth at least a rental for everyone.

8 - Great. Definately everyone take a look at these.

9 - Excellent.  Don't pass this up.

10 - Perfect.  It takes a lot to get one of these from me, but you would be foolish not to buy these.